Thank you for your support in 2020

Christmas Tree

The way I have been describing this year is “weird”.  I don’t need to go over the year, we have all done that.  I just wanted to say thank you for your support during this crazy year, I truly appreciate it.  I think a lot of  you know my business is my full time income so your support has helped me tremendously during this year and kept Henry the cat fed, Henry says thank you too.

I hear from other bath bomb and soap makers about their customers being demanding and rude.  I feel incredibly proud and lucky that I truly have amazing customers.  I appreciate your support and patience.  I went from one customer describing me at the end of October as being quicker getting orders out than Amazon Prime to being extremely slow by my s...

My first ever blog

Unicorn Dreams

My first ever blog, as I have now been in business for two years I thought it was about time I added a blog to my website.  I will try not to bombard you but will do a regular blog either explaining about my products or what I am up to.

I thought for this one I would tell you a bit about my story why I started my business.  A few things happened that turned my life upside down, both professionally and personally and I decided I needed a big change.  After looking at various options of working in other companies and having a career change I decided I really wanted to work for myself.  I really am the sort of person that if I am not happy I will make changes, no matter how big.  When I told someone who I had worked with for nearl...