Thank you for your support in 2020

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The way I have been describing this year is “weird”.  I don’t need to go over the year, we have all done that.  I just wanted to say thank you for your support during this crazy year, I truly appreciate it.  I think a lot of  you know my business is my full time income so your support has helped me tremendously during this year and kept Henry the cat fed, Henry says thank you too.

I hear from other bath bomb and soap makers about their customers being demanding and rude.  I feel incredibly proud and lucky that I truly have amazing customers.  I appreciate your support and patience.  I went from one customer describing me at the end of October as being quicker getting orders out than Amazon Prime to being extremely slow by my standards due to the overwhelming demand for my products.  I truly was humbled and to be honest in a bit of shock!   I also wanted to explain some of my delays, when I opened back order for bath bombs I didn’t expect the orders so it took far longer.  I don’t like to go on about health issues as there are so many worse than me but I am still battling a bad knee with torn cartilage which I am having an MRI scan on next year to see if I need an op and then my back went early November.  Wow, I really underestimated a bad back.  To physically not be able to stand up normally or get out of bed and these tasks take over 10 minutes.  Don’t get me wrong with physio, exercise and painkillers I am now in a much better place with this but it did slow me down considerably as I wasn’t able to lift anything so after I had had help getting out ingredients for the day, if I had forgotten one that item had to wait until the next day.  I was also packing in limited space as my workroom was being decorated and due to the “c” word supplies were short so it was only half done.  You can imagine the upheaval of all that.   I have learnt so much from this and written down all the things I would do differently next year to get orders out much quicker.

I have many plans and also new products for next year that will come out over the course of the year.  If there is something you want that I don’t currently do, always feel free to contact me and ask.  It might be on my radar or it might be something I could look at.  I love being able to grow and change with my business and also set new challenges for myself.

Are you in my Facebook group?  It is only small but I love it and one of the things that makes me happy is seeing my customers chat in there and get to know each other.  Some of the posts by customers and their comments to each other have had me crying with laughter.  Feel free to join if you aren’t in there already. 

I am going to do a monthly blog next year and will aim for the last day or each month when I can either tell you what I am up to with ideas and products or explain a product or ingredient in detail if you are interested.  Just let me know what you would like to see. 

Thank you for your support and being amazing.

Janine x

18 thoughts on “Thank you for your support in 2020

  1. I was that customer who described you as quicker than Amazon 🤣 you really were. But its not all about being quick. I was more than happy to wait for my orders in December. Your products are soooo worth the wait! The bath bombs are like works of art, incredible!

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2021.

    Happy new year, much love to you ❤💛 xx

  2. I have loved your products from the beginning, they are gorgeous so im not surprised that you have been so busy. Looking forward to trying all your new products next year.

    Happy New Year Janine xx

  3. Loving the blog and newsletter. You have done a fantastic job with your business and your products are amazing, I can’t live without my Carribean Cocktail 😉. Happy New Year Janine, lets hope its a better one for everyone 😘 xx

  4. You’ve done absolutely incredibly throughout the insane year that has been 2020 and having your products and new things at halloween and Christmas to look forward to has made the year so much better, having a bath or shower with your products is like having a little spa day. Mum and I must’ve gifted half our family and friends with your products and they’re absolutely hooked!

    Thank you for being you and thank you for bringing your wonderful products into our lives to light us up on a gloomy day 💙

    Here’s to the growth and continued success of your business in 2021, I can’t wait to see what you bring out next! 🍾🥂

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