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My first ever blog, as I have now been in business for two years I thought it was about time I added a blog to my website.  I will try not to bombard you but will do a regular blog either explaining about my products or what I am up to.

I thought for this one I would tell you a bit about my story why I started my business.  A few things happened that turned my life upside down, both professionally and personally and I decided I needed a big change.  After looking at various options of working in other companies and having a career change I decided I really wanted to work for myself.  I really am the sort of person that if I am not happy I will make changes, no matter how big.  When I told someone who I had worked with for nearly 20 years that I was leaving with no job to go to just my business to rely on she told me I had “always been too brave for my own good” that made me laugh and in some ways she was right.

Did you know that many many years ago I worked in Law?  Those exams were very interesting!  I still remember trying to study with flip cards relating to case law to this date.  I can even quote some of them to this day.   I got to the stage when I would feel sick and cry on a Sunday night at the thought of going in the next day due to caseload pressure and knowing the fees I was expected to bring into the company.   The firm I worked for decided to close, the two solicitors in my last firm had had enough of Law themselves.  We all got called in and it was announced the firm was closing down and we would all be made redundant.  My first feeling was one of relief, then the worry of what I would do.  After the meeting the Senior Partner called me in and told me that a nearby firm had asked about me and said that they would happily employ me and I would take my current caseload and clients with me, they were certain my clients didn’t want to leave me.  She had been kind and told them I was on more than I was so it would have also been a pay rise.  I remembered my first feeling of being made redundant and the relief so told her to tell them thank you but no thanks I was going to have a career change. 

I then did temping secretarial work (thank god for learning to type) to keep me going.  I was at a firm temping for two days before they realised I was overqualified and offered me a job working for them doing what I used to do.  I politely declined and them kept me on my temping work until I found my next job.

Some of you already know by next job was for Cheshire Fire Brigade as it was then, now Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.  The job, for which I still have a cut out of the advert, was for a Fire Control Operator, which involved taking 999 calls and sending fire engines to incidents and supporting the incident from start to finish.  Our job was to get the fire crews whatever they needed as quickly as we could.  I loved that job, it was shift work and a good work life balance.  I started on Green Watch (and I still meet with my old Green Watch regularly). I also then worked on White and Blue, the only one I didn’t work on was Red Watch.  After nearly five years I go promoted to Watch Manager A and was second in charge of the watch.  I later got promoted to Watch Manager B running my own watch. 

In all honesty if things had stayed like that I would have still been there and Cheshire Bath Boutique would never have existed.  It was decided to merge most of the North West Region into a Regional Fire Control.  I accepted this was a change and thought of the positives, learning about new Fire Services and how they worked.  During my time there I worked closely with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and made some really good friends from there.  I gave it my best and stayed at North West Fire Control for five years as an Operations Manager but it wasn’t the job I loved and although we worked closely with the Fire Services we looked after it wasn’t what I had joined.  Time for change.  

After looking at other jobs I realised I didn’t want to work for anyone else, I wanted my own business.  I thought of various things, I have Business Analyst qualification and PRINCE2 in Project Management so looked into those areas before I realised I wanted a complete change.  

Around this time I had moved house and didn’t have a bath, when I looked at the property I thought it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, the house I was leaving had a beautiful bathroom with an extra long extra wide jacuzzi bath, which I didn’t think I would miss.  Living somewhere with just a shower for a year I quickly realised how much I missed by bath.  My priority in my next move was to have a bath again.  I was so excited to then know I was moving to somewhere with a bath.  I was bought a bath bomb as a present and it was the first time I had ever used a bath bomb (this was 2016) and I loved it.  I started asking myself why I had never tried a bath bomb and it was because I couldn’t walk into a well known shop as the smell was overpowering.  Talking to friends they felt the same.  This gave me an idea, an idea that I started to research and start my journey.  I have waffled on enough for now, so I will explain how I got started next time.


6 thoughts on “My first ever blog

  1. Hi! So fab to hear about how you came to create this business, I love hearing people’s stories. Happy Birthday to you and happy 2nd birthday to Cheshire bath boutique! Xx

  2. And this is when I met you on one a soap making course and we instantly clicked. Well we are both virgos so that’s an instant friendship. I love reading your story and I’ve loved watching you start your new journey and been with you from the start and I’m super proud of you. I can’t wait to see where you are in another 5 years as I feel you’re going to go so far. Happy double birthday to you and I’ll look forward to reading more of your blogs. Love Rachel aka LIWL ❤️ Xx

  3. Great blog Janine. I remember talking to you a few years ago & you saying you were looking into making soap as a hobby.
    It’s fantastic to see succeeding may your business go from strength to strength Xx

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